My name is David García Vivancos, DGV, and I am illustrator specialized in caricature, a very specific subject I really love.

I divide my time between collaborations for Spanish newspapers and magazines (La Razón, ABC, tintaLibre, El Jueves…), live caricature for big companies (Vodafone, Toyota, Benetton or UEFA, in example) and education (workshops, talks and courses about the world of caricature). I have four published books: En capítulos anteriores… (Diábolo Ediciones), El Fútbol es asín (self-edited), Las criaturas de John Carpenter (Amaníaco Ediciones) and Hartas (Instituto Quevedo de las Artes del Humor).

My work is the combination of a designy / geometric approach with digital textures to create direct drawings in which the likeness is always the most important part. I try to use only a few lines, a very limited colour palette and a few textures to capture my “victims”, following a very simple way of working: I always begin with a simple sketch (traditional or digital) and I finish in Photoshop, giving a vector-like appearance, which sharply contrasts with the dirtiness of the sketch.

There is only one rule I try not to forget: there is no caricature without likeness. 

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